The Today Show’s Jill Martin

Fall is a time when we need as much ‘revamp’ advice as possible. Whether it be on closet cleansing, shopping smart or even an ambush makeover. That’s where Jill Martin comes in. Martin is truly deserving of the much debated slash. You know what we mean; these days there are a lot of actress/model/lifestyle expert/insert another occupation here and it can get a tad…irksome. Alternatively, Martin actually is a Knicks sportscaster/Today Show Contributor/New York Times Bestselling Author/QVC Creative Director, and we’re definitely fans. Martin took us through some ways to jump into fall sans clutter (and sans poor shopping decisions)…


From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

Starbucks coffee in the morning, Juice Press for lunch (the Heaven on Earth smoothie is my favorite) and Sasabune for dinner. It’s my favorite sushi restaurant in New York City. I would eat there every night if I could. The menu simply says, “Trust me!”

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I try to work out at least five days a week for at least forty-five minutes a day. Over the summer, I do a lot of paddleboarding (my favorite) but in the cooler months it really can be anything. This weekend I trained with Kettlebells one day, rode a Citibike (for the first time) another day and did a yoga class on Sunday.

Keeping myself sane is another full-time job! I write in a journal every night, which really helps me punctuate the day and put a period on it. A close friend of mine said to me, “Even if you don’t feel like it, just write one word, it will make a difference.” I have to say, it has.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

Wow, I hope we have space on the page! I take my morning and evening wash-up routine “very seriously” (my boyfriend says I have actually said that out loud when he’s tried to rush me).

Dr. Debra Wattenberg (my dermatologist in NYC) has a soap she created and I use it with a Clarisonic every morning and every night.

After that, I use Josie Maran Argan Oil (her entire line is outrageous). I use the Argan Milk, followed by the Argan light oil and I use the body butter in the morning and at night. I am obsessed with what her line has done for my skin.

Advice to those trying to do a DIY ambush makeover…

Start by getting rid of clutter. Even if you just want a beauty makeover, feeling your best starts with being organized in all aspects of life. Start with one room in your home (one that is yours preferably, not your kids or significant others) and cleanse the room of anything unneeded or unused. The bathroom cabinets or your wardrobe closet is a great place to start. Dedicate a day to do one room then move to the next. Make The Container Store your best friend. You will feel so much better drawer by drawer.

Three tricks to great sales shopping

1. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Picture it at its original price and ask yourself if you would have bought it.

2. Don’t get something if it is not your size just because it is on sale. I would rather you save up and buy one awesome item than five that don’t fit you right.

3. Get anything you think you will obsess about if you don’t get it (you can always return it in most cases or can consign it). There is no worse feeling than wanting something that is on sale, bailing on it and then finding out that it is not there the next day!

Cleaning one’s closet can be daunting. Any advice on what to keep and get rid of? 

Go through your closet and get rid of (donate/consign):

Anything you haven’t worn in a year; has stains or pulls; is the wrong size; has tags on it.

You will be surprised to see the number of items you actually wear (we only use about twenty-five-percent of what we have in our closets – that means seventy-five-percent has to go!) Purge the items you don’t wear to make room for ones you love. Be realistic about how you dress. If you see a top and you say, “I wish I was the kind of girl who could wear that top,” grab a friend, get the top and figure out how you are going to style it (with an honest pal by your side). Don’t keep things that you will never put on when there are so many fabulous things out there that you will!

How do you always start your day?

Early! I drink about six cups of coffee a day. During the week, I get home from QVC late in the night and am then I am up early in the morning for The Today Show. Coffee and the papers (the actual hard papers, not online) are about all I can handle in the mornings!  

Where do you love to travel? What won’t you travel without?

Last summer I gave up technology for the month of August and travelled the world (for the most part) by myself. It was the most extraordinary thirty days of my life. I visited ten countries including: Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia. And you know what saved me on my trips? My packable jacket from Uniqlo. It is super-light and small and helped me go from day to night without having to stop back home. 

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

In Miami, Myles Chefetz’s Prime 112 and Joe’s Stone Crab. In New York, Sasabune (sushi), Lure Fishbar, and The Polo Bar (Corned beef sandwich). In San Juan, Puerto Rico, Oceano Condado and Fuentes BBQ.

You didn’t like X till you had it at Y… 

I didn’t love Brussels sprouts until I had them at Prime 112.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ what’s the new potato right now?

You know what? Right now, happiness is the new black. It looks sexy with everything.

*Jill Martin, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. 

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