The Best Printed Yoga Pants

You may be under the misconception that the girls in printed yoga pants are the ones that pedal in the front row at SoulCycle, or the ones that talk to the yoga instructors after class. The result? You go with black yoga pants, because when you work out, you simply like to fly under the radar. We’ve been there. In that first Purebarre class you stare in bewilderment as the rest of the girls seem to be formerly trained ballerinas, while you feel you resemble the inflatable stick figure outside of a car dealership.

So why draw more attention to yourself with printed yoga pants? Because you’re a badass no matter what your Flywheel ‘score’ is, and you’re about to prove it. With workout gear becoming a runway-worthy trend, there’s no better time to take your workout clothes more seriously than your workout.

1. Nike Leg-A-See Hawaiian Printed Leggings

2. The Upside Power Pant Leggings

3. H&M Yoga Tights

4. Mara Hoffman Printed Stretch Leggings

5. Sweaty Betty Visama Yoga Capris

6. Adidas Hawaii Printed Leggings

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