The Leather Jacket

If we could have any superpower, it might be making ourselves either instantly French or instantly cool on command (you know, besides saving the world and stuff). But while we don’t live in a universe where letters come from Hogwarts or where our being pale actually means we’re vampires, we do live in a world where leather jackets (a.k.a instant cool-ifiers) are readily available.

They may not technically make us any more French, but they do make us look cooler than we might be feeling on any given day. Throw on a great moto jacket and suddenly you can be channeling James Dean and Francoise Hardy simultaneously. It’s the quintessential staple we all love, and with fall around the corner it’s high time you shopped our top ones for the season…

1. Madewell Moto Leather Jacket

2. Parker Jacket Belfast

3. ASOS Faux Leather Biker Jacket

4. Rick Owens Washed-Leather Biker Jacket

5. Levi’s Vintage 1930s Leather Jacket

6. ASOS Leather Biker Jacket with Stitch Detail

7. Vince Scuba Leather Jacket

8. Balenciaga Leather Moto Jacket

9. Vince Moto Jacket

10. IRO Jone Leather Biker Jacket