20 Great Quotes on Style

Whether you’ve been thrust into New York Fashion Week faster than you can say ‘style,’ or you’re just an innocent bystander perplexed at the sight of photographers furiously snapping photos of people that aren’t Kim, Kanye or Kendall; you may still be able to appreciate – even celebrate – the wearable art that is fashion.

Here at The New Potato, we’re lucky enough to lie at that fun intersection between food and fashion. Both are forms of self-expression, and a great way we’ve gotten to know the incredible tastemakers on our site is not just through Ideal Food Days, but also through what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it.

Whether they’re proof that style only gets better with age, too young to be as enviously chic as they are, or unaware just how cool their effortlessness is: TNP’s tastemakers have given some of the most inspiring style advice we’ve seen to date. As it is NYFW this week, we thought we’d give you 20 of our favorite potato-style-quotes to munch on, because if you can’t pretend you’re in Devil Wears Prada during fashion week, when can you?