Homemade Gummy Candy


One Package of Flavored Jell-O

1 and 3/4 packets Unflavored Gelatin

1/3 cup Cold Water or Fruit Juice

Candy Molds


Place 1/3 cup water in a glass measuring cup. Stir in the unflavored gelatin to dissolve, ensuring there are no clumps. Add the Jello-O, mixing well. Let stand for 5-10 minutes to thicken.

Bring water to a simmer in a small sauce pan. Place the glass measuring cup into the simmering water so that the water come halfway up the outside of the measuring cup (do not fulling submerge it).  You want to heat the gelatin mixture gently so that it thins out to the texture of syrup. 

When the gelatin mixture is like syrup, pour into the molds. Let set in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Bring to room temperature before eating.


Photographed by Alli Shepherd.