Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton

While most of you should know Cam Newton, some of you may need to be reminded that he’s the star quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. With football’s return coming up this Sunday, we thought we’d throw back to our interview with the star athlete and find out a few of his favorite things.

Apparently, he can’t live without winter fresh gum and lucky charms; thinks a man should have a well-tailored suit, gets a haircut the day before every game, and says football players love candy. If you feel like being Cam Newton for the day, above are our selects for where to get his favorite things, including a haircut from Blind Barber.

1. Candy


Our Pick: Assorted Candy from Sockerbit

 2. Winterfresh Gum

natural mint gum

Our Pick: Simply Gum

3. His Mom’s Banana Pudding

best banana pudding

Our Pick: Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding

4. Lucky Charms:


Get The Original: Lucky Charms

5. A Well Tailored Suit


Our Pick: RALPH LAUREN BLACK LABEL Two-Button Nigel Suit

6. A Haircut Before Every Game

blind-barber-new-york copy

Our Pick: Blind Barber