A 2-Day Body Tune-Up

You may be either dreaming about elasto-waist pants this morning, or you’ve already bought them in preparation for this moment. Work is tomorrow, the holiday weekend is almost over, and if there were a way for you to still have enjoyed the feasting from the last three days (three months, let’s be real), without it becoming a bloat you just can’t kick, you would have signed up.

We came prepared, and asked Shakira’s trainer – Anna Kaiser – to give us a two-day (or for some, pre-fashion week) detox. Follow it, and you might just drop a couple of pounds (or the swollen eyes) faster than you can say Lagerfeld. Stay tuned for her post-fashion-week tune-up, when she shows us how to erase all the champagne and appetizers we’ve consumed, which we’ll have convinced ourselves was for the sake of fashion.

Up your cardio! Get yourself revved up for the week ahead and burn off some of that extra stress by adding 15 extra minutes into your cardio element this week. Find some fun 10 minute options on my Streaming Membership!

Stop drinking for just two days. Your stomach will flatten, you’ll sleep better, you’ll workout harder, and you’ll lose extra water weight you’ve been hanging on to.

It’s still summer! Pick out a waist bearing two-piece as extra incentive to go hard on your core workouts! Add this core workout in every day:

1. Hold a plank for 2 minutes.

2. Rock forward and back in plank for 1 minute.

3. Jack your feet out and in while holding a plank for 30 seconds.

4. Hold a side plank on each side for 1 minute.

*Rest and repeat two times through (See if you can do the entire thing without putting your knees down!)

Wake up and have your biggest meal for breakfast! Start now, and continue that all throughout the week. It will set you up with the energy you need to run from event to event without crashing, and your metabolism will burn those extra calories all day long. Then, keep dinner light.

Buy snacks! And take them with you. This is a good habit to get into before Fashion Week starts, and then bring them with you to events. Say no to the cupcakes and endless carbs, because you have some yummy salted almonds in your bag. You’ll stay more alert.

Looking for something else? Try Anna Kaiser’s ten-day cleanse, or Mikaela Reuben’s doable detox