Where To Get Army Jackets

For a cosmopolitan girl heading into fall, a great army jacket is the modern-day equivalent of what a Northface was back in middle school. It’s the quintessential fall staple, and we find ourselves constantly on a quest for the perfect one. Back then we’d look enviously at our classmates and analyze why’d we picked the gray Patagonia rather than the forest green one; the choice we made was never the right one (and it’s probably because we didn’t have some crazy potato-heads guiding us).

There’s not really a better way to preemptively get ready for that fall weather than getting a head start on selecting an army jacket pre-Labor day. We find that when that first, crisp day hits, we like to be as prepared as possible. Shop above for the curated list of our favorites this year; we guarantee it’ll produce some office envy (the modern day equivalent of playground envy).

Check out the only 37 pieces you need in your wardrobe this fall.