5 Ways To Fight Split Ends

Lately we’ve noticed our hair is dryer than normal, breaks easily and constantly looks frizzy no matter how much product we douse on it. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you have unhealthy hair, which is why we called an emergency session with the man who does hair for everyone from Madonna to Vitoria Beckham. Tis the season of split ends and hair frizz, and Garren told us five ways to easily fight it…

1. Always get regular haircuts.

2. You should always use products for heat protection when styling your hair to protect the hair from damage.

3. Do not use metal or ceramic brushes to style your hair.

4. You should regularly get a strengthening or moisturizing backbar treatments at the salon, either after your hair color or every six weeks when you get a haircut.

5. At home, you should use a treatment mask at least once a week in the shower.

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