The Best Bites

With summer almost at an end, we’ve been finding ourselves feeling a bit nostalgic. We’re in the mood to sit in the sun this weekend and read books like The Great Gatsby or Wuthering Heights – tales that bring us to a seemingly more glorious time and place. Our other alternative was to throw back to some of our interviews on TNP, where certain icons shared stories of their own we could escape to…

There was the time jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris told us about dinners with Andy Warhol.

And when designer Anna Sui shared memories about Barbara Streisand.

We also loved when Jackie Collins told us about meeting The Beatles – Who wouldn’t?

Then there was this interview with Ziggy Marley, who talks about meals with his Dad – Bob Marley.

Nineties model Trish Goff tells us about that glorious time of working alongside the likes of Naomi and Kate.

And Bergdorfs’ Betty Halbreich shared beautiful stories about her dear friend, the late Joan Rivers.

Downtown Abbey may be our favorite world to escape to, so we’re still reeling from interviewing Joanna Froggatt and Laura Carmichael.

Last but not least, we’ll never forget our chat with wine legend – Peter Mondavi Sr. – who was our first TNP interviewee over 100 years old!


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