The Best Cake Shops

We believe it was Glenda Bailey, Editor-in-Chief of Harpers Bazaar that once told The New Potato “I like America, because they serve you cake for breakfast…I’m the sort of person that likes to have my cake and eat it.” Some fashion editors concern themselves with only Celine, but Bailey likes her Celine with a side of cake. Peruse Bailey’s favorite spots to get it, because she also said “I’m very professional about cake,” so we figure her word is unparalleled on the subject.

“In New York, I’m particularly keen on a carrot cake from E.A.T. — the most appropriately named store I ever did hear — and it’s got lovely vanilla icing on the top. That is one of my all-time favorite cakes. As you’ve gathered I’m the sort of person that likes to have my cake and eat it.

In London, I love the cake from Marks & Spencer – Victoria sponge, very delicious. However, the best Victoria sponge cake comes from Chatsworth Farm Shop. The Dutchess of Devonshire, before she passed away, created an array of gorgeous cakes and now her son and his wife continue that tradition. The Farm Shop – which is just outside Chatsworth – is the most glorious place to buy food. Whenever I go back to England, I’m to be found there. They do all sorts of glorious cake there. That’s my particular favorite from England. 

And then, in France, Pierre Hermé supplies cake to the hotel where I stay – the Royal Monceau – and they do a fine afternoon tea. Another great cake is the chocolate and orange tart from Café Diane in the Tuileries. For scones and cream, the best are in Galerie Vivienne. It’s a fantastic tea room run by an American woman. We go there all the time. And conveniently they have moved the entire Céline showroom and atelier right next door. It’s my dream come true. Perfect proximity.

I’m very professional about cake.” – Glenda Bailey

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