Dine Out On The Paleo Diet

So you’re looking to go Paleo, but what you’re really wondering is: On what planet can you go to a restaurant and actually stick to this diet? If you’re like us (which you are, cause you’re a potatohead), eating out is a big part of your lifestyle. A cleanse or diet that doesn’t allow you to is depressing, which is why our Paleo expert Danielle Walker gave us tips on how to enjoy restaurants while sticking to the way cave men used to eat…

Tips for Dining Out


These restaurants can be tough to navigate because soy sauce has gluten and is used in many different sauces. Instead, look for curries that are made with coconut milk as a base as they are generally safe and soy-sauce free. You can also ask the kitchen to omit all sauce and carry your own coconut aminos with you. Always specify no MSG.


Skip the beans, rice, cheese and tortillas and ask for more veggies. Ask for burrito contents on top of lettuce instead of rice (you can pretend you’re at Chipotle, even when you’re going the more authentic route!) Toss in some extra guacamole!


My go-to is a bun-less burger. Ask for a lettuce wrap for added crunch and nutrients. Skip the bread and potatoes and opt for additional veggies, bacon or guacamole. If your favorite pot roast is typically served over mashed potatoes, try substituting them for sautéed spinach.


Ask for their grain-free options and order the most appealing dish that contains a protein and veggies. Always double check to make sure that the sauces are wheat free! Wheat flour is commonly used as a thickening agent.

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