How To Look Polished

Isn’t she annoying? You could wear a ballgown to work and she’d still seem more put together than you are. You know that girl, the one that’s always as polished as can be. And after six months of working with her when she arrives in the morning you start to think something like this:

As confident as I feel rocking a t-shirt dress that could double as a t-shirt, I owe it to myself to – for just one day – be the girl somehow pulling off a red lip on a Tuesday circa 10:30 AM; not the girl always trying to figure out why her to-go coffee cup leaks every time she tips it, even though it has a top on.

You do deserve that, and you can be that for a day. Click through above for our favorite easy pieces to help you achieve a polished look immediately if not sooner.

And P.S. your cup probably has too much coffee in it. (We speak from experience.)


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