Neighborhood Guide To The Bowery

New column alert! We’ll now be plugging our favorite tastemakers for ‘a day in the life’ of what they do in their neighborhood. That way, the next time you go, you’ll have a quick guide on exactly where to eat, shop, drink, get your hair cut, nails done…the list goes on. First up is Leandra Medine – of Man Repeller who told us everything we need to know about the Bowery area and then some…

“I typically start my day around 7:15 when I wake up. I’ll then brush my teeth, drink a big-ass glass of water, meditate for twenty minutes (I’m not kidding, I took up TM three months ago), make a slice of ezekiel sesame toast, smear almond butter on it and then go to some version of a fitness class. Lately I’ve been into TRX and SLT. If I’m feeling particularly as though I want to hear locker room gossip, I go to SoulCycle. I end my workout around 8:45, come home to change (but never shower, what?) and then head to work.

On the way I stop at this place called NatureEs on 1st Street off of Second Avenue for either a smoothie or a chia seed pudding or both. I get to work and eat.

At 11 a.m., I am almost always positive it’s 2 p.m. and then power through an hour of work before either ordering lunch on Seamless (typically a black bean burger, tofu scramble, 20-ingredient salad or salmon over brown rice) from Organic Grill for lunch. It comes, I eat it. All is well in the world.

By 4 p.m., I am starving again so I go downstairs and get a vanilla rainbow sprinkle cone from the Mr. Softee truck on our block (Bleecker off Broadway).

By 7 p.m., I’m ready to leave work. If I have plans, my restaurant choices are almost always Jack’s Wife Freda (curry bowl), the new Seamore’s (everything, basically), La Palapa (vegetarian tacos, street-cart style jicama) and recently, this awesome Mediterranean place on Hudson street called Mémé (spicy carrots, red snapper, fried artichoke, trust me). There is almost never not alcohol involved and depending on how many drinks I consume, the end of dinner signals ice cream cone #2.

Then I go home, go to sleep (sometimes brush my teeth but if I’m being really honest, often don’t), and repeat.”

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