The 6 Best Clean Spices

So you know what foods are clean, but did you know there’s a way to know which spices are clean as well? Clean eating is all the rage right now, which is why we frequently chat with Candice Kumai on how to eat clean to nurture both our bodies and minds. We find when we’re eating clean rather than processed foods, we have more energy and we feel we’re in a natural detoxifying state. As Kumai says:

“Clean eating can be summed up into one, powerful, glowing and healthy lifestyle: A lifestyle that involves consuming real food in or as close to its most natural state as possible.”

It’s not doubt a way of life rather than a crash diet, and as Kumai puts it: “With clean eating, you finally set yourself free from rules, restrictions, diets, yo-yo weight loss, and confusion. Clean eating is clear, simple and easy to follow. Clean eating will improve your whole life!”

So peruse above for the six¬†spices you should be cooking with while eating clean…

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