8 Seasonal Paleo Vegetables

We’re really liking all things paleo, whether as a lifestyle to change to, or simply a way to quickly detox after a long weekend. We find we feel cleaner, lighter and have more energy on days we cut out non-paleo food items, and were inspired after interviewing our favorite paleo expert – Danielle Walker – who gave us a top to bottom guide. We decided to pick our favorite eight autumn vegetables below that are paleo, here’s what Danielle had to say about the grocery shopping and preparation:

“Sit down in the beginning of the week to plan and try to do your grocery shopping once a week. This will help make your cooking more efficient and reduce the number of impulse food items you buy throughout the week if you go shopping while hungry and without a plan. Take an hour on the weekend to prep the vegetables you will use for the week. Mince all your garlic for the week at once, chop all your onions, and use your food processor to shred or dice vegetables. Pack them all up in re-sealable bags or containers and store them in the refrigerator for easy access and to shave time off of meal prep.”

What are our favorite eight autumn vegetables that are paleo? Peruse the slideshow above!

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