DIY Clarifying Face Mask

Facialist to the stars, Joanna Vargas is at it again! She’s given us a plethora of homemade do it yourself edible face masks, and here’s our latest one that clarifies. Spoiler alert: it includes eggs and Greek yogurt…

Clarifying Egg Mask for Acne:

One egg

1/2 cup plain organic yogurt

3 tbsp almond oil


Wisk the egg in a bowl, then blend in the yogurt and almond oil. The egg is incredible for clarifying and the yogurt is anti-inflammatory. It contains acidophilus, as you may know, which is anti-bacterial, which will shrink any pimples. The almond oil is really great because it’s hydrating. It’s rich without clogging the pores, but it’s going to leave the skin soft and dewy.