Bryce Dallas Howard’s Makeup Routine

When we featured Bryce Dallas Howard on our site, we found it hard to focus on much else but her porcelain skin. It’s why we plugged her for all things skincare and makeup, and we think we’ve found our newest routine…

“I have a pretty quick beauty routine in the morning. I splash my face with cold water rather than doing a full wash with a cleanser, and I put on some moisturizer. I use a custom-made moisturizer by Terri Lawton that has transformed my skin. I typically don’t wear any makeup, just some sunscreen and Dior lip oil. I perm and dye my lashes, and this helps keep my beauty routine to a minimum during the day.

My nighttime routine consists of a homemade cocktail of oils that removes any dirt or makeup. It is a mix of almond, jojoba, and olive oils. I worship my Clarisonic. I use it with Cosmedix Face Wash and follow up with a refining treatment for any spots. I dab on some Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm by Elizabeth Arden, and I round out my routine with a custom-blended Terri Lawton moisturizer. I try to keep my beauty routines pretty simple when I am not working.” – Bryce Dallas Howard

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