The Top 15 NYC Brunches

You can’t beat sleeping in and leisurely starting your day with a mimosa and a plate of lox or eggs benny. Got a hankering for something sweet? Go ahead and order that Dutch Baby — your side of bacon will thank you. Brunch knows no rules. It’s the perfect marriage of sweet and savory — the obvious answer when you’re torn between having breakfast or lunch, and don’t want to choose. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s an occasion to enjoy an alcoholic beverage before happy hour.

Breakfast may have the official title of “most important meal of the day,” but brunch is certainly the most fun meal of the day, and it will always trump a sad bowl of oatmeal or a portable yogurt. We may not always know what the weekend will entail, but we can always bet that one way or another, it will include brunch. Fortunately this city’s our proverbial oyster — only fry that sucker up and garnish it on a nice tall bloody mary, please and thank you. Scroll above for a look at some of our favorite spots in town for our favorite weekend meal…

For a list of healthy breakfasts downtown, see here, or make your own brunch with this DIY menu