The Best Bites

Happy Saturday! With August around the corner, and summer truly in full swing, we’re feeling pretty celebratory this weekend. Here are some stories to make your hopefully already fun weekend, even more fun…

If you’re food shopping, here are our ten favorite farmers markets you should probably go to.

You could also make this pina colada recipe  if you want to feel like you’re somewhere tropical but you’re not.

Reeling from this week’s news that Bethenny Frankel and Eric Stonestreet may be dating? Watch her answer 8 quickfire questions in 1 minute.

Or watch us trick-or-treat with Stonestreet’s onscreen daughter Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily) if this put you in a Modern Family sort of mood. (and cause the Emmys are Sunday, and the show always wins them all).

That being said, there was also the time we interviewed Ty Burrell (Phil) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitch).

Going to the beach today? Check out How To Make Your Legs Glow. 

If you’re like us and have had summer fever and can’t focus, try these 10 foods to boost your brain power.

You can also try the 10 best fitness foods if you’re still looking to get more in shape for bikini season!

And with this feel-good interview with Glamour’s Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive we’ll send you on your way.


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