The Best Bites

Its a health and beauty kind of weekend. We’re feeling like detoxing from the last few BBQs, so here are a few bites to help you do it this week…

First and foremost, here are beauty tricks from a French woman (because we all want to look like them).

And to inspire, this is how to maintain a healthy body image.

Feeling like your lack of focus is making you feel and look disorganized? Here are ten ways to focus better.

Also check out how to sleep better.

Then there’s our bible of coconut oil and all the ways to use it on your skin and hair.

Want to put words into kitchen action? Here are five great, healthy fish recipes.

Also read what the SoulCycle founders have to say about juicing.

And here is an at-home facial you can make from your favorite foods.

To cap it off, read this inspiring discussion with Bobbi Brown on all things beauty…


Your potatoes