The Best Bites

We’re hoping for a beautiful beach weekend, but in case the weather is a disappointment, it might just be the perfect weekend to binge watch Netflix, curl up with a good movie or cook something you’ve never dained to try cooking before…

Speaking of binge-watching, accompany your Orange is The New Black binge-watch with these interviews with Uzo Aduba, Yael Stone and Kate Mulgrew.

And accompany that binge-watch with this homemade chocolate caramel corn.

You could also read about madeleines before noon with Chloe Perrin, or actually make madeleines before noon with this recipe.

If you’re doing other indoor activities that may be giving you the munchies (we didn’t say anything) it’s the perfect time to catch up with Harold & Kumar’s John Cho.

Or you may be dreaming of greener pastures, so check out our jaunt in the park with the girls from DANNIJO.

You could also get lost in this gorgeous dinner shoot with Lela Rose, or an afternoon of flowers with Flower Girl’s Denise Porcaro.

And if you are lucky enough to be on a beach this weekend, read about why the womance beats the bromance.


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