Top Ten NYC Pizza Spots

Pizza is good all year around, but in summer we feel like we’re asking ourselves even more often, ‘Where’s the best pizza near me?’ We made a top ten list from our tastemakers that are sure to keep you busy for the first official month of summer.

1. Bad Horse Pizza, from Melissa Fumero

2. Emily, from Laura Carmichael

3. John’s of Bleeker Street Pizza, from Sara Foster

4. Rubirosa, from Leandra Medine

5. Roberta’s, from Adam Rapoport

6. L’asso, fromĀ Hannah Bronfman

7. Franny’s, from Athena Calderone

8. Serafina, from Kelly Rutherford

9. Di Fara Pizza, from Daphne Oz

10. John’s Pizzeria, from David Burtka