The Best Bites

Happy Fathers Day Weekend! We hope you’re showing your appreciation for Dad, because if you’re anything like us you may just be a Daddy’s Girl. Here’s some great reads for the next two days…

Speaking of Dad, some of our favorites include Ty Burrell (aka Phil on Modern Family), Estee Lauder’s John Demsey and David Burtka. May we say, they all gave great advice…it’s so like Dad to.

It’s also never too late to get some weekend advice from awesome Moms as well – like Anna Wintour or Victoria Beckham.

Want to cook Dad something special? Try these shrimp burgers, or do it up with a clambake.

Another favorite Dad of ours was culinary legend Jacques Pepin, who told us about cooking with Julia Child.

Going to a summer wedding tomorrow? Here are ideas on what to wear

You could also peruse through this home-cooked dinner with Jack’s Wife Freda founders Maya and Dean Jankelowitz and their adorable sons.

Another father and son food team we love is Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his son Cedric Vongerichten. They both had delicious things to say.

Robert De Niro is also a dad and yes, we interviewed him

And with De Niro, us potatoheads are out.


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