The Top 10 Lobster Rolls in New York

It’s officially here – a lobster roll list that we created on a new app obsession of ours, Rekky. Rekky helps you stay in the know with recommendations for the best eating and drinking spots based on where your friends and favorite tastemakers have been. You potato heads know we’re all about tastemaker recommendations here at TNP…and now there’s a destination you can go to that pools together your existing go-to resources (whether it be ours or your friend who is always going to the best restaurants – aka a fellow potatohead).

The app includes photos the people you follow took, and a map to show you where they’ve been around you. You can create your own lists, so yeah, now everyone can be a tastemaker (and let’s face it, you’re cruising TNP so you already are). Here’s our Rekky list for the absolute 10 best lobster rolls in NYC; so this weekend when you inevitably ask yourself “where’s a lobster roll near me?” you can just map that meal…

1. Grand Banks

2. Luke’s Lobster

3. Lobster Joint

4. The Mermaid Inn

5. Red Hook Lobster Pound

6. Cull & Pistol

7. Ed’s Lobster Bar

8. The Lobster Place

9. North River Lobster Company

10. Pearl Oyster Bar

Download the Rekky app here

*Sponsored by Rekky. Photographed by Tanya Maithai.