How To Look Like a French Woman

It’s the age-old question, how do French women look the way they do? One of our favorite jewelry designers, Aurelie Bidermann shared her must-have beauty products and brought us one step closer to our lifelong goal of emulating French women in all ways possible…

“Every morning I wash my face and my neck with Aromatic Lotion by Joëlle Ciocco. After, I use the Joëlle Ciocco Skin Defensive Lotion. Then I moisturize my skin with the Crème de Caviar by La Prairie, and for my eyes, I use the Eye Concentrate by Crème de la Mer. For my make-up, it’s really simple – just tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier. I also use a little bit of Benetint by Benefit on my lips. Before I go to bed, I cleanse my face with the Sensitive Cleansing Milk by Joëlle Ciocco. I then use her Lacteal Lotion followed by her Lotion Hydrogel Plus! After that, I moisturize again. – Aurélie Bidermann

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