10 Coconut Oil Cooking Uses

Is there anything coconut oil can’t do? The product gets a lot of hype and it is definitely warranted. We’ve previously discussed ways that coconut oil can be used to strengthen and protect hair, and the ways it can be used to help whiten teeth, but today we’re going to focus on coconut oil’s uses in the kitchen.

Whether it is replacing butter, or thickening smoothies, coconut oil can be used to enhance a number of dishes in a number of different ways. So next time you’re at the store make sure you buy a big tub, this is going to be an ingredient you end up using in everything! Scroll through above to see the best 10 uses for coconut oil in food.

1. To Replace Baking Ingredients: You can use coconut oil in recipes as a substitute for butter or eggs. We got rid of the butter and used coconut oil in our essential Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.

2. To Sauté: Rather than sauté things in butter, canola oil or vegetable oil, coconut oil is a healthy substitute. Do medium heat.

3. To Make a Smoothie: Coconut oil adds healthy fats to smoothies – and thickens them.

4. To Flavor Coffee: Add it to your coffee for extra flavor.

5, To Fry Eggs: You can fry eggs in coconut oil as a healthy alternative – just don’t make the pan too hot.

6. To Spread on Toast: It’s a delicious alternative to butter, and goes great with or without jam.

7. To Make Chocolate Sauce: Just mix it with cacao powder and maple syrup, and you’ve got a great instant chocolate sauce.

8. To Make Mayo: Sub out vegetable or canola oil in mayo with an equal combination of olive oil and coconut oil.

9. To Cook Popcorn: Next time you’re making popcorn on the stove top use coconut oil instead of regular oil, and once it’s done drizzle some more over the popcorn to add flavor.

10. To Dress Salad: Coconut oil can also be used in salad dressing. Try mixing a quarter of a cup of coconut oil with a tablespoon of vinegar and a half a teaspoon of honey, and voila.

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