Confessions Of A Nineties Model

There aren’t many models-turned-real-estate agents, so when we found out Trish Goff – 90’s runway star turned licensed real estate agent – was an example of such, we needed to check in with her. Goff spoke to us about how modeling has changed, her days with Naomi, Christy and Kate and why luxury new-developments are the new potato…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

I would start my day with a long espresso from my new, and fancy Vertuoline Nespresso machine. Then a stroll through the village to Buvette to have their Belgian Waffles with berries and cream. Plus another coffee, of course!

For lunch, 15 East, which is this amazing Japanese restaurant in Flatiron. I only sit at the bar…it’s a very different experience, trust me. And as always, I would let the sushi chef create a personal menu.

At dinner, I’d go to my regular spot, Giorgione, because it’s best to end the day with familiar faces and great food. I would start with six oysters; I think they have the best in town. Then a sausage pizza paired with a glass of super Tuscan red wine.

What made you decide to move from modeling to real estate? 

I started modeling when I was fifteen, so after twenty years of doing it, I was ready for something new. I always loved real estate and was very much into architecture, interior design, and the business side of the industry. It was, and is, a true passion of mine.

How was being a supermodel in the nineties different from being a model today? Is one era better than the other?

It was very glamourous back then. It was almost like a celebration of women, and feminism was a huge theme. There was such a diversity from one supermodel to the other. You had Naomi, who was dark-skinned with this uber sexy body, and walking behind her was Kate Moss, who was the heroin-chic waif, and then Christy Turlington, the girl next door.

Today, most designers have a cohesive look with their models. It’s less about the woman, and definitely more about the clothes.

How would you describe the aesthetic then? How was it different from now?

It was fun, loud, and over the top. There was influence from the eighties and the punk of the nineties, so it was very different. The industry was much more intimate, so people were more relaxed, not trying to impress everyone in the room.

Social media and technology have changed our entire interaction with the fashion industry. Today, shows are being instagramed and live-streamed and this accessibility causes trends to run their course much more quickly. Honestly, I feel trends are over before they even go to production.

What trend would you personally want to bring back? 

 Shoulder pads!

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

On a daily basis, I think I’m failing at that.

Where I’m succeeding however, is by going to bed at a regular time and eating well. I tend to eat healthy, but I don’t deprive myself if I have a craving. I try to have a blue-green shot a few times a week (E3 Live) from Juice Generation.

I’m failing because of my daily wine consumption, smoking a ciggy every-now-and-then, and this odd bologna sandwich craving I have (Give me a break, I’m from the South).

What are your go-to beauty routines morning and night?

In the morning, I wash my face with Osmosis products. First the Gentle Cleanser, followed by the Catalyst Repair Serum. A little application of the StemFactor Growth Serum, and finally the Quench Plus Moisturizer.

In the evening, I am intrinsically lazy. I splash my face with warm water and go to bed…unless I’ve worn makeup, which I rarely do.

When it comes to my hair, I wash using Aubrey Organics’ Blue Chamomile Shampoo and conditioner. And I only use Oribe hair products for styling.

Best and worst runway memories…

Worst: Versace Couture Show at the Ritz Carlton in Paris and this plexiglass runway the hotel staff decided to buff before Gianni arrived. Needless to say, it was extra shiny, and extra slippery. I didn’t fall, but the entire show I was horrified to walk down it.

Best: The 2002 Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture Retrospective. The show had 278 looks, comprised of YSL’s best collections over the past four decades. I mean, to see a designer of that caliber showcase his clothes in a living retrospective was super special. I don’t think anyone has done a show of that scale since.

What five things are you coveting right now? 

My old blackberry (I miss that keyboard), the Saint Laurent Le Smoking Tube jacket, Robuchon’s new cookbook Food and Life, a TV in my kitchen, and a bologna sandwich with chips on it (literally right now!).

What’s always in your bag? 

A wallet, a notebook for jotting down randoms, a ton of pens, cinnamon Altoids, a mini Oribe hair refresher, and a Muji measuring tape.

An easy go-to weeknight recipe for your family…

Stuffed Peppers.

As a real estate broker, what do you think are New York’s hottest upcoming areas? 

Within Manhattan, I think Kips Bay, due to Dover Street Market, the gentrification of Nomad and the revival of Gramercy Park.

For Brooklyn, I think Red Hook. It has a laid back, coastal-feeling community, great restaurants, Fairway Market, and a lot of development on the waterfront.

What are the best new food neighborhoods? 

Brooklyn: I think Red Hook. There aren’t a ton of places now, however, there are a few really amazing spots like Kao Soy, Brooklyn Crab, and The Good Fork. As development continues, I think we will see a lot more openings.

*Trish Goff, photographed at her apartment in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. 

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