How To Have A Healthy Body Image

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While we’re definitely guilty of inundating our minds (and our website) with healthy routines, recipes and roundups for summer, we wanted to take a little time today to strike a balance and remember just how important a healthy body image is. It’s easy to get obsessive in warm (or cold) weather about what you’re eating and how you’re exercising, but self-preservation, splurging and a grey area are just as important. That’s what The New Potato’s all about isn’t it? You can be a potato-head and also practice balance simultaneously. Carla Gugino may have summed it up perfectly for us this month:

“Everything in moderation…in moderation. In the right moments, indulging is important.”

We’re assuming all you peeps know how beautiful and awesome you are, but we’re here to triple check that you do. In other words, if there’s any self-potato-mashing going on, we want to know about it. Because it’s as much about confidence, self-worth and the energy you give off to others as it is about balance, a point perfectly summarized by Daphne Oz:

“I’m a huge believer in that people see you the way you see yourself. If you talk negatively about yourself, or see yourself negatively, or present yourself in a guarded insecure way, people read that immediately. I grew up really overweight and I can’t even tell you how many times you walk into a room – even after you lose weight – and you’re tugging at your dress and you feel uncomfortable; people sense that immediately. Whereas if you walk into a room and you own it and you feel great about yourself, people read off of that and they love that. It’s so compelling and attractive.”

And I mean really, us bitches can be crazy. We’re harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever dream of being. Donna Karan said it herself:

“There’s not a woman I know who says, “My body is perfect. What am I going to wear?”

And I mean let’s face it: Donna knows her stuff.

And how important is humor when it comes to our relationship with food? Very. It was Barely Famous’ Erin Foster who told us:

“I have a complicated relationship with food, as many women do. Is it just me or do we all complain about feeling sick every time we eat?”

And then there’s her relationship with chocolate…

“Let’s not forget around 11:30 PM when I sneak downstairs and eat chocolate out of the freezer, after spending forty-five minutes trying to talk myself out of it…”

And treadmills…

“I would always rather be sitting down than running on any treadmill, but I also want to have a good body, so that conflict stresses me out daily.”

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re guilty of all three of the above, and would very much like to laugh about it.

So what’s the moral of the story? Don’t have post-traumatic BBQ stress, raid your freezer for dessert a healthy number of times each month, and don’t drive yourselves crazy. Because um, you’re all the most gorgeous potatoes out there, and this is coming from the girls who know a hot potato when they see one…


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