Sushi Zo

Recommended by : Joyce Chang (Editor-in-Chief, SELF)

Cuisine:Japanese. Price: $$$$. Location: .

A 25-piece sushi omakase is the only option at this pricey but oh-so-worth-it Downtown Japanese restaurant that’ll set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but will leave your tastebuds satisfied like never before. When you make a reservation, the person on the phone will tell you exactly what you’re getting yourself into: no a la carte, no options, just surprises. The only questions you’ll be asked are whether or not you have any seafood allergies. The sushi is prepared in the most traditional sense: fresh seafood sitting on warm, vinegar-seasoned rice so flavorful that soysauce is not encouraged. All 25 pieces are served one by one, and there’s no way of knowing what the chef has in store for the night. Make a Reservation.