The 5 Best Teas for Your Stomach

Did you know you can cure any number of ailments with tea? In this case, we wanted to focus on the stomach, because after all it is the holiday season; a time when we may be consuming things that are richer or at least in more abundance than usual. Here are five great teas for your most common stomach ailments…

1. Upset Stomach: Everyone’s stomach reacts a little differently. However, the anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger and fennel can help with nausea. A tea with peppermint might help calm your stomach as well. Try Traditional Medicinals Organic Fennel Tea or Choice Organic Ginger Tea.

2. Digestion: Senna Leaf acts as a stimulant to the colon which acts as a laxative. Do not drink senna leaf tea everyday, only when needed. Licorice can help prevent stomach ulcers or heartburn. Both fennel and dandelion can help reduce stomach bloating along with other digestive issues. Try Alvita Organic Senna Leaf Tea or  Yogi Stomach Ease.

3. Hangover: While there is no exact cure, as everyone’s hangovers are different, ginger tea can be extremely helpful in calming an upset stomach. Stay away from teas with caffeine as often times caffeine can worsen an upset stomach. Try Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger Tea with a small amount of honey.

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