The 18 Best Coconut Oil Uses

You’ve probably heard that you can use coconut oil on just about anything…us potatoes wanted to put that to the test. Here are eighteen things we did with it…

Skin Uses…

1. To Shave: Lather some coconut oil all over those legs, or under your arms and shave away. It’ll leave a super smooth texture once you’re done.

2. To Moisten: Whether it’s on dry hands, face, or all over your body, coconut oil is one of our favorite moisturizers.

3. To Highlight: Coconut oil is such a great way to brighten under the eyes or on your cheekbones. Just spread a bit on the desired spots post-makeup, and you’ll get a natural glow.

4. To Tone: Coconut oil is also a great thing to put on arms and legs right before going out. It will make your arms and legs look more defined on a summer night.

5. To Massage: Who needs massage oil when you can use natural coconut oil? And it smells amazing…

6. To Whiten: We know it’s not technically your skin, but your smile is just as important to your face as your skin is. Take a tip from Gwyneth and oil pull by swishing 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in your mouth for twenty minutes or so. Spit it out, then rinse with warm water. It helps whiten teeth!

Hair Uses…

1. To Strengthen: The simplest way to use coconut oil on hair is just to put it in your hair before you go to bed and let it sit overnight. It’s a great remedy for brittle, dry hair.

2. To Prevent Dandruff: A great mixture to prevent dandruff is coconut oil and sesame oil combined. Apply it as a mask for around thirty minutes, then shampoo.

3. To Grow Hair: Massage your scalp several times a week for ten minutes with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

4. To Prevent Scalp Sunburn: Coconut oil is actually a natural sunscreen, so if you substitute it as your conditioner on a morning you know you’ll be in the sun (and don’t rinse it out) you’ll have SPF on your head throughout the day!

Cooking Uses…

1. To Replace Baking Ingredients: You can use coconut oil in recipes as a substitute for butter or eggs.

2. To Sauté: Rather than sauté things in butter, canola oil or vegetable oil, coconut oil is a healthy substitute. Do medium heat.

3. To Make a Smoothie: Coconut oil adds healthy fats to smoothies – and thickens them.

4. To Flavor Coffee: Add it to your coffee for extra flavor.

5, To Fry Eggs: You can fry eggs in coconut oil as a healthy alternative – just don’t make the pan too hot.

6. To Spread on Toast: It’s a delicious alternative to butter, and goes great with or without jam.

7. To Make Chocolate Sauce: Just mix it with cacao powder and maple syrup, and you’ve got a great instant chocolate sauce.

8. To Make Mayo: Sub out vegetable or canola oil in mayo with an equal combination of olive oil and coconut oil.