Katie Couric on Family

On this very lovely holiday weekend, we couldn’t help but think about when we spoke to Katie Couric. Barbecues amongst family and friends brought us back to something Couric said about the importance of family…

“I would tell my younger self— something that I think I did, but you can probably never do enough — to really appreciate the very sweet spot in your life when your children are young and your parents are healthy. I’ve dealt so much with loss – my husband and my sister, and now both my parents are gone – and I really miss all of them. But I think that sometimes you get so exhausted from working and taking care of your kids, and it goes so fast, you don’t always take a moment and say, “This is happiness.” I think I did that, but probably not enough. And now when I see young couples with young children and maybe the grandparents are visiting, I’m like, “Enjoy this time,” because it’s such a special time in the spectrum of your life. That’s probably what I would tell my younger self.” – Katie Couric

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