How To Make Hair Grow

Going into summer you may be in one of two camps, wanting long lustrous hair, or wanting a nice clean chop. If you’re the former, and you’re looking to grow your hair the natural way, nutritionist Mikaela Reuben gave us ten foods and ten nutrients to do the trick…

As told by Mikaela Reuben

There are many factors that affect the health of our hair. From the products we use, to our hormonal balances, to our stress levels, to the particular season that we are in, to the nutrients that we choose to put in our bodies, everything counts. In order for hair to grow, we need to have the proper building materials. When we do not meet the nutritional needs, we can end up losing hair faster than we grow it, slowing the actual growth at the follicle, and not supplying support to the hair that has already started growing. The solution is not to overload on supplements, as excessive supplementation can add more stress to the body…the answer is to eat right in order to ensure that the best nutrients are available to the body.

The following list of nutrients has been linked to healthy hair and hair growth!

Iron as been shown to be an important predictor in healthy hair growth. Iron is responsible for transporting oxygen to the cells of the body and is therefore required for optimal cell functioning and carrying oxygen to the roots. Oxygen is required for growth of any system in the body so Iron plays a key role.

Vitamin D has been linked to hair growth when present, and hair loss when deficient. Vitamin D can be hard to obtain during certain seasons and through food alone, so it is often recommended to take a supplement as well as eating foods that contain it!

B Vitamins You can find the B-vitamin complex in whole grains, cauliflower, dark-leafy greens, eggs, nuts, avocados, bananas, and legumes.

Biotin is one of the B vitamin that promotes healthy thick hair! Biotin is involved with fat production in the cells which is critical to the structure of all cells in the body.

Pantothenic Acid is another B vitamin that is a popular player in the hair game. This keeps the hair follicle healthy and nourished which promotes new growth. This B vitamin also helps to break down fats for use in the body and is required for the production of certain hormones.

High Quality Protein promotes cell growth and repair which is needed for hair growth! Animal sources such as lean meats, poultry and eggs or vegetarian sources such as beans and lentils are good.

Lysine is an essential amino acid, found in many proteins is considered to be one of the most important when it comes to growth of hair. It has been shown that if there is a lack of Lysine, the hair growth will be reduced.

Zinc is required for protein synthesis and growth in the body. Zinc helps the body grow and repair tissue, such as the hair. Get your zinc from lean meats, oysters, pumpkin seeds, or chickpeas.

Vitamin C deficiency can cause dry, dull, and weak hair that is prone to breakage. Vitamin C is used in the body to build collagen, a structure essential to the production of new hair cells. Vitamin C makes it easier for the body to absorb iron, so it is extra important to consume vitamin C alongside iron-rich foods. Vitamin C also protects the hair against free radicals which causes damage.

Healthy Fats The hair loves healthy fats, and the body needs them to keep the hair healthy. Fat also helps the body use fat soluble vitamins that are essential for the health of the hair

Omega 3 is a type of polyunsaturated fat, promote the health of the hair and keep it strong. Omega 3’s are vital to nourishment of the hair and can help encourage hair growth. Think cold water fish, seeds, and nuts.

Water is essential for all human functioning. Drink more!

Ten Notable foods for your Hair

Almonds: An easy way to boost your hair health is to include more almonds in your diet. Almonds are high in biotin.

Avocado: Definitely one of the healthiest fats around, this amazing ingredient can be used in place of butter. It’s a great source of Pantothenic acid and Vitamin C.

Cauliflower: One of the hottest veggies around, cauliflower is great raw or cooked and can be used substituted into soups and sides in place of potatoes. Contains Vitamin C, Pantothenic acid, Omega 3’s, Biotin, Protein, and some B vitamins. All of the happy hair nutrients.

Eggs: An excellent source of omega-3s and are an easily assimilated protein. They also contain biotin, Vitamin D, and some other B vitamins, and are particularly high in Lysine!

Pumpkin Seeds: These tasty salad toppings or purse snacks are packed with Lysine, Iron, and Protein!

Lentils: A wonderful fiber dense legume! Lentils contain Iron, Pantothenic acid, and Protein.

Salmon (Wild): A great form of Omega 3! This fish provides valuable easily assimilated protein and many other hair loving nutrients including Biotin, Vitamin D, and some B vitamins.

Sesame Seeds: High in Iron and Zinc, sesame seeds can be sprinkled on salads or eaten in the form of tahini.

Swiss Chard: This leafy green can be used sautéed as a side, chopped into a salad, or in a smoothie. Full of Vitamin C, Iron, and Pantothenic acid.

Walnuts: Ground walnuts make an amazing raw pie crust or are good blended into salad dressings. They are high in omega 3s and contain biotin too.