Laura’s Snacking With NatureBox

Seriously…somebody get that girl a snack. Since I was six, and I couldn’t sit at the dinner table for more than three minutes before acting like one of the hungry orphans in Oliver Twist (cue the Food, Glorious Food, number) I think I’ve always been ‘that girl.’ You know her, Miss Famished Supreme. And no, I don’t even have low blood sugar or any sort of deficiency to blame it on. All I know is if you catch me at a point in the day where I’m hungry (with no snack in sight) you can basically expect some ‘time-of-the-month’ behavior. While there are many services that will deliver meals in an instant, there aren’t many that address the age-old adage: I just need a goddamn snack. Enter NatureBox.

Cranberry medleys, dried pineapples, probiotic power mixes, chocolate chia granola…this is what snack dreams are made of, and they’re delivered to you monthly so you’ll never be grumpy again. Some people do magazine subscriptions, we do snack subscriptions. I did my free trial with NatureBox because – though I knew my mood shouldn’t hinge on my hunger – I also know some things never change. Points in my day like 11:02 AM, 2:17 PM, and 4:11 PM look a little something like this: Picture it, the conference room at The New Potato, everyone’s sitting talking editorial ideas, while I shift in my chair figuring out a way to work “Is it just me, or is anyone else hungry?” into the conversation. Discussions about honey face masks that are trending on Google quickly become imaginary images in my head of pancakes and maple syrup, honey-dipped apples, honey-mustard pretzels…what were we talking about again?


While I have a love for food, I also love balance, so I really try to avoid artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners in my snacking, going as much towards the ‘guilt-free’ route as possible. I also like as many options as possible when snacking: NatureBox has over 100 options that all taste delicious, so that base was covered. The first day NatureBox’s package arrived, I first grabbed some of the probiotic mix for a little energy in the morning when my dog Scout started to look like a pork chop again (much like he did when I tried a juice cleanse). I then had plantain chips mid-afternoon for a munching fix after a cupcake Instagram was about to send me over the edge. Then at night I had dried pineapple to quell my sweet tooth, which was all thanks to The Barefoot Contessa making a chocolate cake on TV for her husband Jeffrey (seriously that guy’s got it made).

The low point in the day had been when people tried to steal my snacks. Danielle was all like, “Yeah, I’ll just take some of that white cheddar popcorn” and I turned to her and said: “Woman…get your own free trial. Though the experience reverted my behavior to my days in Kindergarten, I can otherwise say the experience was well worth it. Besides, I’m not lashing out at 4:11 PM each day anymore, unless an intern tries to pilfer a pistachio power cluster…

– Laura Kosann

You can try NatureBox’s free trial, and have them surprise you with a selection of snacks, then (once you’ve fallen in love) you can get the normal service, where you can either be surprised or customize your boxes.

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