Shira And Rachel Antonoff

We’ve teamed up with our Mom, jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann, to talk to some of our favorite Mother-Daughter duos. First up: One of our favorite designers – Rachel Antonoff, and her Mom Shira Antonoff. The two had a few stories to tell about Rachel and Jack Antonoff’s social-media-Mom pranking (read on to learn more), why Rachel wants to steal an eggplant statue from her house, and Shira’s hybrid between a Grilled Cheese and French Toast; seriously, forget the cronut.

It only seemed fitting to shoot these two in black and white, a la vintage family photos you stow away and discover later. Is Mrs. Antonoff on social media? Read on to find out…

TNP & Monica Rich Kosann: What would be your ideal food day together?

Rachel: Dinner would be Italy right?

Shira: I just came from ten days in Sicily. Holiday Snack Bar for Dinner?

R: Better than Italy?

S: No…

R: Maybe somewhere in Italy for dinner and then Holiday Snack Bar in Long Beach Island for a late night snack. Where’s breakfast? Maybe Little Dom’s in L.A.?

S: Oh Little Dom’s in L.A. has the best blueberry ricotta pancakes. That’s it. Those pancakes…it’s a good thing I don’t live there. They are off the charts. Holiday Snack Bar lunch would be fun. And then for dinner I think we’d definitely need to do it in Sicily at this restaurant I just ate at. A platter of grilled vegetables, then the breads and salads, then the pasta dishes…Everything is fresh and delicious. That would be a fantasy dinner.


TNP: Rachel, is your Mom on social media and how social media savvy is she?

R: She is on social media…I would say, she’s a savvy…

S: Geriatric?

R: No! (Laughs) I was going to say she’s savvy at taking in social media, like she knows who she wants to follow. But in terms of what she’s putting out there, I don’t know…

S: I’m not that interested in putting out there.

R: No I know but her name on Twitter and Instagram is SnufflesA and her picture is of a polar bear. So you would never know it was her and for a while we had certain family members who – when she followed them – thought that she was a crazy Fun! fan [brother Jack Antonoff’s band]. They were like ‘Oh SnufflesA is that one of those crazy fans?’ And I’m like ’No, it’s my Mom…’

S: My niece said to Rachel, ‘Who is SnufflesA?’ And she was like, ‘It’s your Aunt, my Mother.’ I still laugh about it.

TNP: So you don’t like to put it out there you just like to observe?

S: I just like to take it in.

TNP: What do you think of Rachel’s social media?

S: Oh it’s hysterical!

TNP: It is really funny.

S: It makes me laugh so hard, and of course one of my kids (Rachel or Jack) always steals my phone. Have you read what Rachel’s done to me?

TNP: No!

S: I have a locked phone now so no one in my family knows my code. Because it’s dangerous. She will steal my phone if it’s not locked and she’ll put on Twitter things like ‘Does anyone have a gyno? I have a problem…’

TNP: (Laughs) We love your sense of humor!

S: What did you tweet to Guy Fieri that time?

R: I think I just said ‘I admire you.’

S: So it was from SnufflesA on Twitter To Guy Fieri: I admire you.

TNP: Where do you even come up with this stuff?

R: Well you have to think fast, because it’s when she goes to the bathroom or something and you have two seconds…

S: I go to the bathroom, come back and turn it on and I just see them giggling uncontrollably. But now everyone knows. Everyone goes, ‘Okay, who was it Jack or Rachel?’


TNP: So funny. Okay so what did Rachel love to eat as a kid and what would she refuse to eat as a kid?

S: Hmm…Rachel loved Grilled Cheese and Cheese Dreams. We’d make these things called Cheese Dreams which came from my Mother. It’s a cross between Grilled Cheese and French Toast. She loved Tuna Noodle Casseroles – like really tacky stuff. What did you refuse to eat? I didn’t think of you as that picky…

TNP: Rachel what do you remember as your favorite?

R: That, Cheese Dreams…there’s a fun joke in the family that my Mother is an awful cook but she’s not! She just went through an experimental phase…

S: There was one horrific Mexican dish…that did not pan out.

TNP: But you’ll never live it down right?

S: Never!

R: I mean…the Salmon croquettes weren’t a big hit either…

S: I loved those! (Laughs)

TNP: Does Rachel ever cook for you?

S: Rachel does not do a lot of cooking, but she’s insanely busy.

R: I cooked twice…

S: Yes she made a fabulous meal. She made delicious butternut squash or pumpkin ravioli with sage that was outstanding. You went through that period…

R: Yes I cooked four or five times.

TNP: We love how that’s the thing you cooked when you never cooked – pumpkin ravioli from scratch.

R: I know, I go from zero to a hundred pretty quickly; If I’m gonna do it I’m really gonna do it.

S: Yea, she goes full tilt!

TNP: So Rachel what’s the one thing that was always in your house that you wanted to take?

R: The eggplant!

S: It’s still there you know. Jack wants it…

TNP: What’s the eggplant?

S: It was from an artist whose name was Nelson, so we named it Nelson. I got it years before I ever had children and it was a big white ceramic eggplant that came in this gorgeous bowl. It’s really a very cool piece. Everyone loves Nelson.

TNP: And what would you steal from Rachel?

R: You’d probably take the Chanel bag right?

S: Yea but I’m thinking more of your personal things [from your line]. I’d like this dress that you’re wearing now.

TNP: So what’s the best piece of advice that your Mom ever gave you? Something that really stuck with you.

R: I think it was to be comfortable and to be myself. It’s simple but it’s true.

TNP: And, Mom what about you?

S: Rachel has lots of wisdom. I think that Rachel’s is very similar, which is to be you, and to not take criticism from people and feel insecure. Just embrace it and be you, because it’s all okay.

*Shira and Rachel Antonoff, photographed in Brooklyn, NY by Danielle Kosann. Shira wears a Rachel Antonoff jacket. Rachel wears a Rachel Antonoff dress and Charlotte Olympia flats

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