Is Your Mom on Social Media?

“Mom, I’ll take it from here.” How many of you have said that when you watch your Mom Tweet or Instagram? With Mother’s Day Sunday, we’re taking over our own Mom’s – jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann – Instagram (@MonicaRichKosann). It’s not because she isn’t a total social media savvy (insert the question of an eye raise here), but because we wanted to take you potato heads through all the things we love to do together.

We also made her join us in having chatting with a few of our favorite Mother-daughter duos (coming up this week), but not before us Kosanns interviewed each other of course. Check out below for our interview with our Mom – aka the best Mom ever – and stay tuned the next two days for more mother-daughter duos. Don’t forget to follow us the next three days @MonicaRichKosann on Instagram, or you’ll be grounded…

Danielle: Mom, you know we always ask people what their ideal food day would be! What would ours be together?

Mom: You girls are the experts! What would we do?

Laura: No you have to start…

M: Ok, well we’d have tea at Bergdorfs, definitely!

L: No you have to start with breakfast.

M: Well we’d make breakfast then together. I always made French Toast for you guys when you were kids and you loved it. Then we could make Wiener Schnitzel for dinner because you two always loved when your Grandma made you that.

D: Okay so then for lunch we’d have to go out. We’d do the pizza with an egg on it at Barbuto.

L: With rosé of course.

M: Danielle of course picks pizza. Danielle, when you were a kid you could eat an entire pizza all by yourself. Moms at birthday parties used to call me freaked out that she had been able to down six slices.

L: What did I love to eat?

M: When we went to Paris when you were kids your Dad ordered Pâté. You wouldn’t stop asking to order it; I’ve never seen a nine-year-old that loved Pâté so much. I wish we had Instagram then so I could have taken pictures.

D: Do you think you’re social media savvy Mom?

M: Yes! I love Instagram!

L: I feel like it took us forever to explain to you what a hashtag is.

M: I don’t remember that. I know what a hashtag is. I think I’m good at Instagram!

D: You are Mom but it doesn’t mean you know what a hashtag is. (laughs)

L: Kidding, we’re kidding. Mom, what’d we love that you cooked for us when we were kids?

M: I’d make this honey mustard chicken with rice pilaf. It was so simple but the two of you were obsessed with it. I think your palates have advanced since then.

D: No I remember that it was so good. There were certain things that were a miss…

M: What did I cook that you hated? You guys were pretty easy.

L: I hated Brussels sprouts and now I love them.

D: Let’s move onto fashion. Mom, if you could, what would you steal from our closets?

M: All the clothing you two have stolen from my closet!!

L: Fair, fair. We’ve both been eyeing your vintage Kelly bag forever…

M: You’ll continue to eye it forever.

M: What’s the best advice I ever gave you two?

D: I think just that we could always do whatever we wanted, if we put our mind to it. You always said “Just do it.”

L: And claimed it to be your quote, not Nike’s.

M: I think I was saying it before they were! You two always gave me advice as well. Probably the most common is “Relax Mom!”

L: Oh come on, I feel like we’ve given you better advice than that.

M: True, you told me what a hashtag is…

*Photo by Kat Irlin