Lindsey Vonn Does Low-Sodium

World-famous alpine skier Lindsey Vonn seemed a perfect fit for Woman Crush Wednesday. We here at The New Potato love talking to female athletes about everything from their diet and advice to other women, to what their perfect smoothie is comprised of. Vonn filled us in on all of that, and then some. Most importantly, she told us the right way to do the most important thing in skiing – the Aprés Ski…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

Without thinking about my diet, my ideal food day would consist of French Toast with real maple syrup for breakfast, a BLT for lunch and a nice steak for dinner. And Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I practice beauty through being healthy. I eat a balanced, low-sodium diet with a lot of protein and I stay active.  Working out is a part of my job so it’s easy to stay motivated.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

In the morning if I have to wake up early and go to the gym, I don’t do a lot. I put on waterproof eyeliner and mascara and I’m out the door. If I know I’m going to be around cameras, I put on more makeup. I make sure to always wash off all my makeup before going to bed and shower after working out.

What are the best and worst foods/drinks to have seventy-two hours before a race?

I make sure to eat a lot of carbs and proteins before a race to keep me energized. I might have a salad, some pasta and fish. The worst thing to eat would be something heavy like a hamburger and fries—that would really weigh me down!

The most motivating advice you’ve ever received…

The most motivating advice I’ve ever received was from my personal trainer Lindsay during my recovery after my second knee surgery. She told me to keep pushing myself further. You need someone who doesn’t let you make excuses for yourself and believes in you.

Advice you’d give female athletes just starting out…

I would tell future female athletes that I didn’t get to where I am overnight. You have to love what you’re doing, want to put everything you have into it, and you have to earn it day after day. Always think positive and set goals for yourself.  You are in control of your strength—mentally and physically.

What are the best workouts to get in shape fast?

I would say running but I really hate to run! For me, I love biking or swimming. Anything that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up will get you in shape quickly.

What are your go-to healthy snacks for energy?

Almonds, granola bars, or Chobani yogurt are great for energy and keeping you full.


What’s your idea of the perfect smoothie?

I like the smoothies that trick you into eating vegetables like spinach. Anything that’s good for you and tastes good too sounds perfect! But I stay away from fruit smoothies because they are full of sugar.

What’s your advice to women getting up, looking in the mirror and getting dressed?

Be positive! Don’t gravitate toward the negative things but focus on the positive. Once you’ve mastered being positive, turn the negative into a positive. Beauty lies in the flaws. Embrace who you are and never stop loving yourself.

Where should everyone take ski vacations to?

Vail, Colorado without hesitation. It’s a dream resort. I will never get bored of that mountain!

Do you ever do Aprés Ski? What are your favorite spots for it?

I love doing an Après Ski when I have a day off but that’s a very rare occasion. I try to find a spot on the bottom of the mountain and in the sun.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s the new potato in skiing?

The new potato is all the gadgets for skiing. There are apps to track your skiing and all the GoPro and accessories that capture everything on the mountain.

*Lindsey Vonn, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. Lindsey wears a Burberry trench coat, Rebecca Minkoff shoes, and Paige jeans.

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