What Would Jesus Do?

Juan Pablo Di Pace plays a very handsome Jesus Christ on NBC’s new show A.D. The Bible Continues. We can’t lie, we were sort of curious to get the actor’s take on food, dating and dinner parties; this morning we’re giving new meaning to ‘What would Jesus do?’ In the case of this actor: Eat pasta, invite Edith Piaf to a dinner party and nix pretense in dating…


From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

Waking up with a cooked breakfast: Scrambled eggs, avocado, peppers, mushrooms and spinach with Steel Cut Oats, banana, berries and a Mate tea (which is what I make for myself every day).

The ideal thing for a girl to cook you…

A beautiful plate of pasta, either a proper Bolognese with turkey meatballs or a carbonara.

The best date you’ve ever had…

No pretense, no games. Just a sunrise, the beach and lots of talking.

When it comes to makeup on women, less is more or more is more? 

Whatever she decides.

What are you personal grooming routines?

I wash my face with Dermalogica every morning and I use American Crew pomade for my Italian uncontrollable hair.


Biggest discovery so far in playing Jesus Christ in the A.D. miniseries…

That the message he gave to the world was one of simplicity and unconditional love. To live through unconditional love is the most powerful thing we can experience, but we are too wrapped up in our own noise, or daily minutia, that we fail to experience it. A.D. was a touching and moving experience that I will cherish forever. Not often in life do we get a chance to be so overwhelmed with something that is much, much greater than us.

Go-to workouts…

Hiking, gym, and running.

One thing we don’t know about you, and why are you telling us it now?

Not everyone knows I grew up drawing. I’ve been drawing since I was one. It was my sacred place, my home. The heroes of my childhood were Italian painters, so I didn’t have ACDC hanging on my wall but Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Caravaggio. I wanted to create worlds just like they did. Some weird turn of events had me go on stage at age seventeen. That shattered everything else; it was like the most powerful drug I had ever experienced. I don’t know why I am telling you this but it’s definitely something not many people know about me.

What are your favorite cities for food? Where do you like to go in each?

My favorite city for food has to be Madrid. There’s a place called TEATRIZ, which is a theatre turned into a restaurant, where people can eat on stage…Imagine that? I wonder why I like it.

If you could host a dinner party with any 5 people living or dead, who would be there? What would you order in? 

Michael Jackson, Michelangelo, Marilyn Monroe, Salvadore Dali, and Edith Piaf. I would order Argentinian meat empanadas to start, then hamburgers to break the ice – but with sweet potato fries.


*Juan Pablo Di Pace, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. Juan Pablo wears a J.Crew coat, Banana Republic sweater, Diesel jeans and UGG shoes. Watch A.D. The Bible Continues Sundays, 9/8c on NBC.