Sonoma’s Hottest Winemakers

Yesterday we spoke with Wine country’s 100-year old wine legend Peter Mondavi Sr., and today we sat down with it’s ‘new kids on the block’ – the young brothers – Adam and Andrew Mariani – heading up Scribe Winery (aka Sonoma’s heart throbs). Scribe is not necessarily new, but it’s definitely a reflection of a younger generation of grape-growing, and – after many Instagram suggestions from our loyal potato heads – we visited this farm overlooking a vineyard, where the picnic tables are befit with a variety of wines, almonds, pecorino cheese and castelvetrano olives. Think Brooklyn meets San Francisco meets wine country…are you heading there yet?

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 


What’s the story behind Scribe Winery? How did it all start? 

Adam and I grew up on a walnut orchard outside the town of Winters, in California’s Central Valley. Our family has been farming in California for four generations, so agriculture is just in our blood I guess. We both discovered an appreciation for grape-growing and wine-making while living in Europe in our early twenties. Being that wine is such a location-based product we wanted to highlight our home and grow grapes in California. In 2007, we found this old, rundown farm in Sonoma with a wine growing history dating back to the 1850s. We have been restoring the property and making wine here ever since.

Do you think you have a younger, more relaxed approach to wine than other Sonoma/Napa vineyards? How so? 

Our intention is to make wines that tell the story of this wonderful place where we live and work each vintage — true, pure, honest California wines. Wines that are specific to our soil, sun, and weather. We rely heavily on our farming background, putting most of our work into the growing of the grapes, and into our non-interventionist approach—native yeast fermentations, minimal oak aging—allowing us to showcase the freshest expression of the grape.



What are your personal favorite wines right now? What do you love to pair them with? 

Well, last night we roasted a lamb on our outdoor spit and drank some Larmandier-Bernier Champagne along with 2014 SCRIBE Rosé of Pinot Noir. Both made for a great spring celebration.

How do you enjoy wine and food while also staying healthy and fit? 

You work up a pretty good appetite running around the farm all day.

Does living on a vineyard allow for a great work/play balance? How so? 

When living and working on the farm the lines get blurry. Work becomes play and play often produces work.



How is it working with your brother? Do family businesses run in the family?

There is a long history of brothers working together in our family. It came naturally to us. When we disagree on things, a good wrestling match typically solves the problem.

Five things you’re coveting right now…

Some Tartine Bread and a John Deere XUV825i Midnight Black Special Edition (2015).

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

Being just one hour north of San Francisco, we’re in and out of the city often. Our current favorites are Bar Tartine, Rintaro, Outerlands, and SPQR. We just started selling our wine in Japan and had the opportunity to eat at some amazing restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto: Eatrip, Kiln, Beard, and Pignon are all wonderful.


*Adam and Andrew Mariani, photographed in Sonoma, California by Danielle Kosann.