How To Lose Weight

That couple of extra pounds, or what we like to coin ‘the extra layer’ post-winter is something we all might experience in one form or another. It’s a beautiful combo of red wine, meaty meals and cold weather comfort foods…what a winter it was. We figured we’d check in with our girl Mikaela Reuben to shave off the couple extras you might be trying to drop…

1. Eat lots of salads and vegetables to help keep you full.

2. Drink plenty of water or sip on broth or herbal tea through out the day. Avoid sugary juices and soda.

3. Get junk food and unhealthy snacks out of your home.

4. Eat only from a plate while you are seated at a table. This helps create awareness around eating rather than mindless on-the-go eating.

5. Don’t skip meals.

6. Chew slowly.

7. Cook with vegetable stock in recipes or stir-fry using a water sauté method rather than frying in oil. Add a little oil at the end! This helps you control how much oil is added to the dishes and maintains the integrity of the oil.

8. Avoid dressings, creamy sauces, and unhealthy toppings – make your own salad dressings with apple cider vinegar/olive oil mixtures, or use things like guacamole and salsa.

9. Eat most foods early in the day and try not to eat four hours before bed.

10. Don’t get too consumed with calories, and instead focus on the nutrient density of the food. DO NOT STARVE. Restricting calorie intake can have even worse negative side effects.

11. Try not to order food or grocery shop when you are hungry – This struggle is real.

12. Create a food program. When you can take control of at least one meal a day you will have results. We schedule work meetings in our calendars, why not schedule a small amount of time to prep, eat, or grocery shop?

13. Use smaller plates or chopsticks.

14. When dining out, order extra sides of vegetables to get more greens. Sometimes ordering a few sides is healthier than ordering an entrée. Go for the grilled asparagus, or steamed spinach – and not the triple baked potato.

15. Focus on lean proteins and vegetables, or high fiber starch with vegetables in order to control blood sugar levels.

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