Barely Famous’ Sara & Erin Foster

The Hollywood sister duo Erin and Sara Foster would never consider doing a reality TV show. Erin’s a screenwriter and Sara’s an actress – why would they? It’s just a coincidence that VH1 happens to follow them around with cameras, turning the footage they get into a ‘non-series’ called Barely Famous (which they accidentally started airing last month every Wednesday at 9/8pm Central).

But seriously, with their fake reality show where they spoof TV’s biggest phenomenon, these two may just be our newest Carrie and Samantha, this season’s Ilana and Abbi, next year’s Hannah and Marni…you get the gist. If you’ve watched, you may already be obsessed with the show and have realized these sisters are most definitely fish IN water when it comes to the camera. It’s no surprise fame runs in the family; their Dad is acclaimed music producer David Foster, and their step-sisters are Gigi and Bella Hadid. But who cares? They don’t want to be reality stars, they just play them in real life and on TV. Get to know the Foster girls who have recently stolen our hearts…


From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

Erin: I have a complicated relationship with food, as many women do. Is it just me or do we all complain about feeling sick every time we eat? Anyway, that’s a whole other interview. My ideal food day always starts with oatmeal, but on special occasions starts with avocado toast. Either will always be accompanied by a strong cup of homemade coffee and almond milk. Up next for lunch would be a shredded chicken salad or sandwich from Mendocino Farms. Then I would want a snack, maybe some yogurt and granola or chips and hummus. For dinner, I would want Mexican food or Indian food! All of this is making me very hungry. Oh, and let’s not forget around 11:30 PM when I sneak downstairs and eat chocolate out of the freezer, after spending forty-five minutes trying to talk myself out of it.

Sara: I’m all over the place in the morning trying to get my four-year-old off to school on time. I rarely have time for breakfast so ideally I would be able to sit and enjoy eggs and toast with avocado. A turkey salad or sandwich is my favorite lunch. I like to have a kale smoothie with protein powder before school pickup from my local juice shop. For dinner, I eat what my daughter eats usually, which ranges from gluten-free spaghetti Bolognese, salmon with rice and veggies, chicken and mashed potatoes, or our local Lebanese takeout!

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

Erin: For my insides, I try to eat clean, organic and gluten-free foods, and very little dairy. I do yoga and try to make it to the gym three times a week, but I’m not a fitness freak. I do the least amount I can get away with. I would always rather be sitting down than running on any treadmill, but I also want to have a good body, so that conflict stresses me out daily.

Sara: I wish I was a woman who woke up at 5am, worked out and was ready to go by 6:30am but I’m just not. I need eight hours of sleep and going to bed before 11pm isn’t always realistic. I workout when I can. I have tried it all – from Tracy Anderson, to Pilates Plus, to hot yoga. For me, the standard weight training is what works best. I absolutely do not diet and never have. I would be a very angry person if I were not allowing myself foods that I crave. Food brings me happiness and I love the bad stuff. All that being said, I will not eat candy or drink soda. Those are two things you will not find in my house. I also don’t drink alcohol that often – only on special occasions. I wear stress on my face. It affects the inside and out for me, so I am working on a meditation program. I get very caught up on the outside and forget that it all starts on the inside.

What are your morning and nightly beauty regimens?

Erin: I never wash my face in the morning. All you’ve done is slept! No need for a face wash in my opinion. I splash cold water on my face and then I use straight coconut oil on my face that I buy from Whole Foods. I noticed a huge difference in my skin when I started using it. It seemed to get hydrated and fuller and honestly, younger!

At night I wash my face with this Japanese brand called NS-K Komenuka Bijin. You can buy it at most beauty supply stores. Then I use the coconut oil on my face again and on my body. Sometimes I will also use pure aloe vera on my face, but you can’t do it too often.

Sara: I have been keeping it very simple lately. Coconut oil all over my face and body followed by Skinceuticals sport 50 sunscreen. I also just visited Georgia Louise who is an excellent facialist in NYC and she felt my skin was extremely dehydrated so she put me on multiple serums including a Vitamin C serum to help. She also introduced me to the needle roller. I already notice my crow’s feet diminishing.

Five things you’re coveting right now…

Erin: I’ve been dying to get a pair of Ancient Greek sandals; I really like their Clio sandal. I need to get some Frame Denim. I saw a pair on a friend and have been wanting their distressed skinny jeans. There is so much Elizabeth and James that I want: The Kisa dress, the Edmund vest, and the crop tank sweater! I need them so badly. I’m obsessed with this nail earring from Established Jewelry. It looks like there is a nail going straight through your ear. It’s so cool. (But it’s solid gold!). If I could have a closet filled with LNA t-shirts, I would. Oh, and I always need more Sonos speakers. I live for Sonos! I’ve been buying them room-by-room in my house and I always find a new nook that needs one. They have changed the game for me in listening to music.

Sara: A needle roller, the Saint Laurent Betty bag, Charlotte Tilbury makeup, Alexandre Birman heels and Eberjey pajamas.

How did Barely Famous come about?

Erin: Living in Los Angeles, you look around and just see so much ridiculous behavior, and we realized there was a good show in poking fun at it. Then we realized we should throw in reality TV culture too, and make a Curb Your Enthusiasm style show with a pop culture tone about the making of a fake reality show. It got very confusing at times, but I think in the end we really made the show we wanted to make.

Sara: I’ll let Erin, the writer, take this one, as her explanation is far more eloquent than mine!

What’s the thing you love most about your sister?

Erin: Sara doesn’t really dwell on the past, she just keeps moving forward. She’s not overly sensitive; she can shake something off pretty easily. She is also always thinking of ways to help someone else, wondering how she can connect them to the right person, or help them in their job position. She likes to fix things like that. She also gives great advice, which is part of her being an excellent problem-solver.

Sara: My favorite thing about Erin is her love for my daughter. She treats her as if she is her own. She is literally her second mother, nanny and aunt all wrapped up in one and I don’t even pay her!

What’s the thing that annoys you most about your sister?

Erin: I would never put that in writing. She is still my older sister and I’m afraid of her.

Sara: She hums and it is the most annoying thing ever. We will be arguing or talking about something important and out of nowhere she breaks into a hum. It’s so passive aggressive and drives me nuts! She knows it too, therefore I think now she just does it on purpose…


What food does your sister love that you hate and visa versa?

Erin: I love sushi, and the sight of fish makes her gag. She has the taste buds of a six-year-old, so there is nothing she likes that I don’t also like. I mean, who doesn’t like cheeseburgers and Mexican food?

Sara: She loves sushi and I absolutely don’t touch raw fish or raw anything for that matter! I’m alienated from many dinners with my friends who are going to Sugarfish. I could eat Mexican food at Casa Vega every night and Erin is gluten-free so that doesn’t work for her so much.

Best advice your sister’s ever given you?

Erin: She is really good when I feel out of control in a situation at reminding me that I am in control if I just look at it from a different angle. She always reminds me to take the power back.

Sara: She is the first person to remind me to step back and take inventory of my fortunate life. I get very overwhelmed with things and am not a multi-tasker and she always points out that my struggles and stress are minute compared to others and she is right. It’s all-relative, but the little day-to-day battles I fight pale in comparison to real struggles that others are dealing with daily.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Erin: I think when my Dad said, “If you’re doing something that isn’t working anymore, retreat and attack from a different direction.” He means in business and I think it has helped me a lot when I’ve gotten stuck to not stop, but just look at it from another view and find a different way in.

Sara: There are no short cuts in life. The same people you see on the way up, you see on the way down. Luck may get you somewhere for a second, but if the hard work isn’t there then you will quickly fall. Longevity is the hardest thing to have in this business and talent always prevails. Hone your craft and work at it because if you aren’t willing to put in the hard yards then you won’t have a career to be proud of. This is something I wish I learned in my early twenties.

Funniest thing that’s happened on the set of the show thus far?

Erin: Honestly, every day of shooting was filled with us desperately trying to not ruin takes by laughing. We improvised a ton of the material so you never knew what was going to come out of each others mouths at any given time and sometimes one of us would come up with something and it would be so insane we couldn’t hold it in. Then we would try to recreate it without laughing but the timing was gone and we just had to come up with something else.

Sara: Shooting interviews were the toughest part of the show. We were trying to move story but also tell jokes. The show is a “fake reality show” so we are obviously not talking about real things happening to us in our lives and we are in character the whole time. I play very out of it and “dumb blonde” in these scenes because we really wanted that dynamic with the girls. We had a long day and at the very end Erin came up with metal detector thing where I have just declared “fake anything is gross.” She – on the fly – started going all over my body insinuating that I had plastic surgery from head to toe! It was brilliant and so on point to the girls we are playing – girls who make such statements about things but are actually totally full of it and lying! We all laughed for a good ten minutes after and the final product was pretty amazing comedy!

Do you watch reality television? If so, what do you like? If not, why not?

Erin: I watch some. I love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I love a dating show. Those are my favorite. The ones that are just following people in their lives aren’t as exciting to me.

Sara: I have seen a lot of the reality shows. I don’t want to judge, but the notion that people have their lives filmed while going out to eat and fighting with a husband, or going on vacation and calling that WORK is just something I can’t fathom. It’s not work and I think it’s a bad message to young people. All that being said, I am certainly not above being entertained by The Bachelor!


Words to yourself upon waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and getting dressed…

Erin: I usually wake up and look in the mirror and go, “Whoa! You look crazy.” And then I wonder how some girls manage to look really delicate and fresh in the morning. Or maybe that is fake and only happens in Notting Hill.

Sara: Be grateful for your health. Be grateful for your family’s health. I think about this 24/7. Health is freedom and without that we have nothing. I have lost loved ones to illness and it’s horrific. There isn’t a moment that goes by where I don’t count my lucky stars for it.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

Erin: I had the best beef in my life in Tokyo. It took me out of a ten-year stretch being a vegetarian and I’ve never given up meat since. I think I had the best pasta of my life in Napa, California.

Sara: In Los Angeles, Craig’s for all-around American cuisine, Madeo for Italian, Sunnin for Lebanese and Casa Vega for Mexican. In New York, Elio’s for Italian, Via Quadronno for salami sandwiches, Westville for the best organic vegetables in the city and John’s for pizza. In Paris, Diep is the best Chinese food I have ever had in the world. L’ami Louis is an incredible brasserie, which I seldom can get a reservation at but when possible it’s an experience! The burger at the Park Hyatt Hotel is fantastic. Ladurée is where I go every morning for breakfast and chocolate croissants. It’s touristy but I’m a tourist!

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s ‘the new potato’ right now? 

Erin: Ted Talks are the new potato.

Sara: Barely Famous is the new potato!

*Sara Foster [on left] and Erin Foster [on right], photographed at The Bowery Hotel in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. Erin wears a Giulietta jumpsuit and Christian Louboutin shoes. Sara wears a Theory dress, Elizabeth and James top, and Gianvito Rossi shoes. Styled by Jordan Foster.