Mad Men’s Sally Draper All Grown Up

With the premiere of Mad Men Sunday, we hit up one of our favorite younger foodies – Kiernan Shipka – for her favorite LA restaurants. Sally Draper eating her way through Hollywood? Sounds like a great plan to us…

“In L.A., I usually go out on the weekends with my friends and family. For brunch, I love Cooks CountySqirl, and BLD. Dinner-wise, Jitlada is always delicious and spicy! One of the owners, Jazz, is the funniest person. She has this great necklace that you get to hold and make a wish. It’s very fun. I love sushi, and currently, Sugarfish is my favorite.” – Kieran Shipka

[As featured above]

1. BLD

2. Cooks County

3. Jitlada

4. Sqirl

5. Sugarfish

*Read the full interview with Kiernan, here