5 Cocktail Questions

Jon Taffer rescues bars in trouble in his Spike TV show – Bar RescueThat makes him the king of all things cocktails, and with a holiday weekend rolling around we figured there was no better thing to do than to tap him for drink & DIY bar questions. Come thirsty…

What’s your drink? Why? 

Lately, it’s been an Old Fashion, because it has character and finesse.

What should everyone have in their bar at home?

Seven basic spirits. A vodka, a gin, a rum, a tequila, an American whiskey, a Scottish whiskey, and a brandy. You should also have key mixers: i.e.. Soda and lime juice. You should also have Triple Sec, and a few other cordials.

An easy perfect cocktail in three steps…

Coconut Twist

1. Ounce and a half of Circoc Coconut

2. 3 ounces of pineapple juice

3. Flair of grenadine.

It’s simple and refreshing. I make it at home.

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a bar?

Smell. You can tell their food is good. If it smells good the food is good. If there is no smell of food, then obviously the food is not good because no one is ordering it. If it stinks, its obviously dirty, and they don’t clean, so you probably don’t want a drink from there either.

What are your favorite bar cities? Where do you go to in each? 

New York. Any neighborhood bar in New York is good. And of course I have to give love to my home city, Las Vegas. Although there are great nightclubs to go to, there are no great bars. Maybe I should open one…

*Jon Taffer, photographed at The Third Man in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann