10 Foods To Grow Hair

Last Sunday we told you about ten nutrients that would help you get to the length you want by fall, but what about foods? Here’s ten ways to eat and grow your hair at the same time…

Almonds: An easy way to boost your hair health is to include more almonds in your diet. Almonds are high in biotin.

Avocado: Definitely one of the healthiest fats around, this amazing ingredient can be used in place of butter. It’s a great source of Pantothenic acid and Vitamin C.

Cauliflower: One of the hottest veggies around, cauliflower is great raw or cooked and can be used substituted into soups and sides in place of potatoes. Contains Vitamin C, Pantothenic acid, Omega 3’s, Biotin, Protein, and some B vitamins. All of the happy hair nutrients.

Eggs: An excellent source of omega-3s and are an easily assimilated protein. They also contain biotin, Vitamin D, and some other B vitamins, and are particularly high in Lysine!

Pumpkin Seeds: These tasty salad toppings or purse snacks are packed with Lysine, Iron, and Protein!

Lentils: A wonderful fiber dense legume! Lentils contain Iron, Pantothenic acid, and Protein.

Salmon (Wild): A great form of Omega 3! This fish provides valuable easily assimilated protein and many other hair loving nutrients including Biotin, Vitamin D, and some B vitamins.

Sesame Seeds: High in Iron and Zinc, sesame seeds can be sprinkled on salads or eaten in the form of tahini.

Swiss Chard: This leafy green can be used sautéed as a side, chopped into a salad, or in a smoothie. Full of Vitamin C, Iron, and Pantothenic acid.

Walnuts: Ground walnuts make an amazing raw pie crust or are good blended into salad dressings. They are high in omega 3s and contain biotin too.