Roasted Chicken

Pan Roasted Chicken with Maitake Mushrooms, Madeira & Herbs

*Recipe courtesy of Chef Angie Mar of New York City’s Beatrice Inn

Serves 4


2, whole chickens, halved, skin left on, and deboned except for the drummet*

1/4 cup Madeira

4 c low sodium chicken stock

Juice of 2 lemons

2½ c maitake mushrooms

3 tsp chopped garlic

4 Tbsp savory, rough chopped

4 Tbsp creme fraiche (can substitute Greek yogurt if need be!)

3 Tbsp chopped tarragon

Kosher salt

Extra virgin olive oil, preferably Olave

*At the restaurant, we butcher the chickens ourselves and roast the bones to make a deep colored, rich tasting stock for this recipe. If you don’t wish to go through these steps, you can always ask your butcher to break the chicken down for you.


Heat two large skillets over medium high heat. They should be large enough to hold two chickens in them without crowding.

Season the chicken on both sides liberally with kosher salt. Lower the heat to medium low, add olive oil, and slide chickens into the pan, skin side down. Shake the pan gently once to make sure the skin does not stick to the bottom. Maintaining the heat on medium low, slowly cook the chicken, never flipping it onto the meat side. You want to render the fat down slowly, so you are left with a crispy skin and a juicy center. The skin on the chicken should be a deep amber color, thin and crispy, the meat should be cooked 85% of the way through, about 15-18 minutes.

When the chicken has rendered its fat and the skin has turned a golden brown, pour all the rendered fat off and discard. Deglaze each pan with the juice of one lemon. This will help loosen the brown bits at the bottom of the pan and add flavor to your sauce. Flip the chicken, taking care not to break the skin. Add 2 cups chicken stock to each pan and return to heat. Let it boil and gather all the delicious brown bits from the bottom on the pan.

At this point, you could set the chicken in a warm place to rest, until you are ready to finish the sauce and serve.

To finish the dish, place both pans with chicken and sauce in the over at 350°F for 7 minutes, while you sauté the mushrooms.

Heat a pan over high heat, adding a little olive oil. Sauté maitakes until golden brown. Once you are happy with the color, add chopped garlic and season with salt. The garlic should crisp up and become golden. Set aside until ready to serve.

Remove and the chicken rest on a plate in a warm place while you finish the sauce.

Over high heat bring the pans with jus to a boil. Let them reduce a little bit until thick. Add the Madeira, and reduce again, about 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and check seasoning. Add chopped tarragon and creme fraiche. Swirl to combine. Plate and serve immediately.

*Photo courtesy of The Beatrice Inn