HBO’s Girls

*If you didn’t watch last night’s episode of Girls, here’s a warning that there’s a spoiler alert here.

That being said…Oh Mimi-Rose Howard, how you pulled at Adam’s heart strings and predictably flaked off without even choosing ‘Ace’ in the end. I mean really, we all saw this coming, and we were all praying for Adam in the process (not Jessa, because we’re still pretty mad that she’s broken the girl code 150,000 different ways this season).

The real question is, what’s this broad Mimi-Rose doing every day? What floats her boat? How could she not pick Adam? Let’s be real, she’s an enigma wrapped in an abundance of blond hair and fair skin. Lucky we have access to a day in the life of Mimi-Rose Howard, or her doppelgänger actress Gillians Jacobs, who moonlights as her alter ego off the show. We imagine their habits are one in the same, so here’s a roundup of her routine…

Where Mimi-Rose eats… “Breakfast at Huckleberry (in my dream world, there is no line). Lunch would have to be at Kogi, followed by an afternoon coffee from Go Get Em Tiger. Dinner at Trois Mec or Night + Market.” – All LA spots, her Brooklyn apartment is just a Pied-a-terre 

What she covets… “I am dying for a purse from Building Blockboots from Margielaa fall jacket from Dries Van Noten, an ottoman from Olli and a serving bowl from Heath Ceramics.” – All cool picks (we admit through gritted teeth)

Her makeup routine… “I never wore makeup as a teenager and I rarely wear it as an adult.” – damn Mimi-Rose, you would be able to say that…

Snacks on… “Kale chips if I was trying to be healthy and Mr. Goodbars if I didn’t care.”

Best piece of advice she’s received… “In the words of RuPaul, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?” – This is so something the girl you’re desparate to not like but actually love would say.

Dream dinner party guests... Julia Child, René Redzepi, Roy Choi, Ferran Adrià and Carla Hall. – Just when we thought we could avoid a foodie girl crush…