Where To Eat In Paris

Smile, it’s officially Paris fashion week. And while we’re staying in NYC this season, we wanted to help in any way we could…on the food front of course. Here are the top ten restaurants in Paris recommended by one of our favorite Frenchies, Aurélie Bidermann, who proves French women are still – frustratingly – the absolute chicest without trying at all…

1. Le Grand Véfour – I’m in love with Le Grand Véfour, located in the heart of Paris, next to the Gardens of the “Palais Royal.” There are amazing paintings on the walls and an incredible fresco on the ceiling. I like to go to this place for a birthday or a special occasion. My favorite item on the menu is the corned beef hash.

2. Le Duc – Le Duc is one of those restaurants that you read about, rarely go to, but is pure gold. The décor is like the interior of a luxury yacht; and on the menu nothing but ultra-fresh fish and seafood simply prepared to preserve the flavor.

3. Marius et Janette – Marius et Janette restaurant is more than just fish – it is a must-go for fish lovers. It will seduce you with its fine décor.

4. Le Cherche Midi – Le Cherche Midi is a very small restaurant. The food is very good, simple, basic and delicious. The service is always excellent, friendly and professional. They make their own focaccia and they never have enough. I’m also in love with their clam pasta.

5. Le Cigale Recamier – Le Cigale Recamier is an old and traditional soufflé house in Paris. It’s very good and tasty, as well as salted and sugary.

6. Ralph’s – Ralph’s is the restaurant in the Ralph Lauren boutique in Saint Germain des Près. This is typical American style and I love to eat the steak with french fries around the fire during the winter, and eat a crab cake in the garden during the summer.

7. Café de Flore – Café de Flore is a good classic. I always have my personal table and I like to order the Flore Salad or the Sonia Rykiel Croque-Madame.

8. Les Deux Abeilles – Les Deux Abeilles is a traditional tea room with a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower and the best handmade pastries. The lemonade is incredible too!

9. Le Water Bar Colette – Le Water Bar Colette is my canteen. Just in front of my studio, I love to go there for a quick lunch.

10. La Tête dans les Olives – La Tête dans les Olives is an Italian epicure by day and one-table restaurant by night. This is an intimate and delicious dining experience. You may need to wait months for a table, but it’s worth it.