Where To Eat In Soho

Even as native New Yorkers, we often find ourselves in Soho wondering where to eat each meal. Who better to ask than the chef and restaurateur behind the new Soho neighborhood favorite Chalk Point Kitchen? Matt Levine and Chef Joe Isodori taught us how to eat our way through the neighborhood, something we find ourselves doing quite often…

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Your ideal food day in Soho…

M: For my ideal food day, I have to venture back to my stomping grounds, the Lower East Side: breakfast at Forgetmenot and lunch at Hester Street Fair.

The best breakfast in Soho…

M: Jack’s Wife Freda.

J: Balthazar…Classic eggs benedict

The best spot in Soho for a power lunch…

M: Not really a power lunch kind of dude, but here and there I will hit up Mercer Kitchen.

J: The Dutch always satisfies.

Soho spot to camp out for the night…

M: The Broome Hotel.

J: The Broome Hotel is awesome. The Chalk Point Kitchen team just did a cool Pig Roast in their courtyard.

The ideal Soho coffee spot…

M: Happy Bones.

J: Ground Support…enough said

The ideal Soho first date spot…

M: Dinner at Lovely Day, cocktails at Pegu Club.

J: I took my wife to Arturo’s for one of our first dates!

Best Soho speakeasy…

M: Mother’s Ruin.

J: The Handy Liquor Bar…duh

Best Soho dive bar…

M: The Randolph for the best pickle back shots in the city.

J: The Ear Inn. Best old school bar vibe in NYC.

Is the Soho food scene lacking anything? If so, what is it?

M: Rents are high, flagships are prominent, so “Mom & Pop-esque” restaurants are disappearing. My goal when creating Chalk Point Kitchen was to combine Chef Joe’s “family recipes” and [organic and sustainable] practices, while bringing that Lower East Side style entrepreneurship, community, and neighborhood “home cooking” focused menu to the Soho food scene. With so many markets in our backyard – and in NYC in general – we thought Soho could use a “market to table” dedicated restaurant that truly concentrated on the cities diverse multicultural influences, dedicated to everything local. Think Chinatown meets Union Square Green Market. 

J: A great burger, which is why I’m opening a new burger spot this year in the neighborhood!

What is ‘the new potato’ in Soho right now?

M: Chalk Point Kitchen and The Handy Liquor Bar!

J: The KIM CHI Mussels at Chalk Point Kitchen.

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*Joe Isodori and Matt Levine, photographed at Chalk Point Kitchen in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann.