Nashville’s Sam Palladio Is Just Like Gunnar

We’ve published a lot of girl crushes recently, but today’s about a boy crush…Sam Palladio (aka Gunnar Scott on Nashville). If you haven’t gaged it from past posts already, we don’t just wish we were on that show, we wish we were best friends with everyone on it, and hope someday to move there and live in Hayden Panatierre’s mansion (that’s what NYC real estate will do to you).

We got Sam’s current playlist, which you can listen to below, and also chatted about memorable scenes on the show, the music on Nashville and why a girl not ordering candy at the movies is a deal breaker…seriously ladies, take note.

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

As I write this, I’m currently sitting in my childhood home in Penzance, Cornwall, UK and have been catching up on eating all the things I can’t get in America. For the most part, they’re are all terribly bad for me. So my food responses will be totally driven towards unhealthy, but homely stuff.

I’d start with some fresh local roasted coffee and toast, preferably with some Marmite spread thinly across it. For those who don’t know what marmite is, google it, as I don’t even think the people who eat it really know; it’s just a staple English morning “delicacy.”

That would probably keep me going until lunch, because I always keep myself busy and forget to eat. Lunch would consist of local Cornish Pasty, preferably homemade, but just as good from a local bakery such as W.C Rowes. The pasty was originally invented for coal miners, as Cornwall was a huge mining community. The pastry had a large semi circular crust so that the miners could eat the middle, which contained meat, potatoes, onions, turnip etc. and then throw away the crust, without ingesting any of the harmful coal residue that was undoubtably covering their hands. Now days the crust is the best bit and you definitely eat it!

I’d probably want another coffee by now, so would get an Americano with a little almond milk to keep me going.

Moving onto dinner – and the complete opposite of England – I’d probably want some Mexican food. Avocados are something that I’ve only really started eating in the last two years and now I try and add them to pretty much any meal, but especially fresh tortilla soup with chicken and avocados. Great superfood.

How do you always start your day on a good note?

I’m usually quite grumpy in the mornings, so caffeine is pretty important first off.

I’ve started putting coconut oil in my coffee. It has lots of great properties and healthy fats, as well as being good for digestion and skin care. Combine that with some almond milk, local Nashville bongo java coffee beans, a little cinnamon and maybe a touch of manuka honey, and I’m good to go!

What are similarities between you and Gunnar?

People say we look very alike…

We really are pretty similar, although my brother didn’t father a child with my first love and not tell me about it. I really have landed the perfect job with Nashvile as I’m able to live in one of the most creative music communities in the world. I’ve developed as a musician so much whilst living in the city and feel that my skills as a songwriter are continually getting stronger, just as Gunnar starts to get some success too. I’m continually co-writing and finding myself in situations that I see Gunnar in all the time on the show. It really is a unique situation for me, as I am so close to the character – minus the drama – and I’m able to live out a life not too dissimilar to his. I’m sure Gunnar would have liked to play the grand ole Opry as many times as I have though. Sorry dude!

What are some pre and post shoot routines?

Obviously I have a very different accent on the show and that takes a little preparation.

I usually take about twenty minutes in my trailer, to warm up vocally. That consists of massaging my jaw and cheeks, breathing exercises, making lots of funny faces to warm up and stretch out the lips and mouth and then starting a long list of southern tongue twisters to get the vowel sounds of the dialect sounding good.

Best memory on the set of Nashville so far…

I think one of my favorite days filming was episode eleven of season two, directed by our shows creator, the amazing Callie Khouri. Chris Carmack, (who plays Gunnar’s buddy Will) and I, filmed a scene out in the woods where Gunnar finds Will and he confesses that he tried to kill himself. The two of us are really good friends in real life and love working together. It was really cold out in the woods and the scene was so well written that we were able to really connect with the material and do some great work. I remember the both of us being complimented that night and it felt good.

What’s your workout regimen?

Barry’s Bootcamp a few times each week. It’s really hard to keep a tight work out schedule as my schedule is always unpredictable, but Barry’s kicks my ass in all the ways I need it too!

Words to act by…

The show must go on.

Your idea of the perfect first date…

A lot of belly laughs, and maybe the movies, because I can test if she’s going to buy a bunch of sweets and candy. If she does, it’s love. If not, I’d have to keep all my gummy bears concealed and pretend that I don’t have a sweet tooth to come across as cool.

What were your favorite childhood recipes? Who made them?

My dad’s spaghetti bolognese. I don’t know what’s in it but there’s something about home cooking that’s just so good.

One item every man should own…

An empty guitar case. All they need to do is think you play…

What’s on your personal favorite playlist right now? 

I’m playing Ryan Adams new album on repeat, as well as Sia’s new album, which is so full of great melodies and great songs. Also English folk rock band Dry the River and American singer songwriter Sean Rowe, who I saw play at Americana Festival in Nashville and was really impressed by.

Your favorite restaurants in Nashville…

There really are so many, but I love The Southern in downtown Nashville. They do the best steak and blue cheese biscuit ever. I love Urban Grub, where they do a great brunch, and The Wild Cow, which is an awesome vegan restaurant in east Nashville.

What are your favorite other cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

When in L.A., I love Toi Thai on Sunset Blvd. The green curry and black rice are so good.

When I lived in London, I couldn’t really afford to eat out in any really nice restaurants, but I used to love the small chain Leon, for their healthy salads, curry, and meatballs.

A few things we don’t know about a few of your cast members…

Chris Carmack plays badass lead guitar. Jonathan Jackson is a rock God and can hit some seriously high notes when he plays with his long time band Enation; he also has three kids. Now that’s a cool dad.

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead who would be there? What would you cook or order in?

James Taylor, because he is my songwriting idol. Elvis Presley, because I just finished working with the BBC on a radio program and a documentary about his early days and was fascinated by all the rock ’n’ roll history. Jacques Cousteau, as I always wanted to be a marine biologist as a kid. I grew up by the sea and would spend all my time snorkeling and catching creatures in rock pools, so I’d love to hear some of his stories about undersea exploration. George Lucas, because I could quiz him about all things Star Wars, as I’m a total geek at heart and thank him for creating the beautiful world and characters of Strange Magic, my upcoming animated feature. Finally, to provide some comic relief, Billy Connolly, one of my all time favorite comedians who I’m sure would keep us all entertained.

*Sam Palladio, photographed at The Rum House in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann.